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California has one of the toughest regulatory climates for vehicle emissions control. This has helped dramatically improve the air quality in the state over the last 30 years but it also means that more and more vehicles are subject to tighter scrutiny.

Our smog technicians are perfectly capable of running a smog test on a vehicle; however they really shine when it comes to diagnosing and making repairs on vehicle which have failed a smog test. Whether the vehicle needs new catalytic converters, is having an emissions issue or a fuel problem, our team of highly trained mechanics will track down the problem and give you a FairPrice estimate for repair.

We stand behind our smog repairs. If we do the necessary repairs, we guarantee you’ll pass subsequent smog testing


please call for appointment:

(714) 633 0400.

1821 E. Katella Ave.

Orange, CA 92867

    • Fees $19.99
    • Fees $8.25 certiFICate.
    • Extra charge for year 2000 and older cars.
    • Truck vans and suv extra charge.
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1821 E. Katella Ave. Orange , CA-92867

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